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Home Fusion 0perating one of the largest cut and sew facility in the industry requires perfection of skills, superb hands-on management and ultra dedication which can only comes with a passion for quality and timely performance. 

Quality Service

Home Fusion runs over 300 Shuttle less / Air Jet looms of 130 and 154 inches width. These are run by expert masters and skilled staff. These are fully occupied with export programs. The upper end quality goods are woven on these looms. The finest yarn is especially procured for these looms. Our weaving department produces fine quality Sheeting, Flannel from 110 to 200 gsm , Percales and Satins up to 300 threads. These grey fabrics are offered in various counts and constructions. Designs and Patterns  as per the application need of our clients. it is widely appreciated and accepted by domestic as well as international clients. 

Our manufacturing has got capacity to produce about three million meters a year with different constructions according to American & European standards. Our commitment to quality & timely delivery has made us proud to have long list of satisfied and loyal customers.

Bed Linen, Table Linen, Kitchen Linen, Jersey Fitted, Bathrobe; whatever, each piece is unique and handled like work of art. we ensure that our products are not just aesthetically pleasing but are.

What We do

Home Fusion is a leading manufacture of Home Textile Products.In the textile field, activities start from the spinning of cotton as well as man made fibres and extend to weaving, processing and finishing of all types of cotton and blended fabrics, bed linen, home furnishings, garment manufacturing and so on. In today’s competitive & fast moving business environment, product quality and organisational attitudes are what make Home Fusion stand out.

Home Fusion has been producing high quality Finished fabrics and Made ups . Over the passage of years, we have built a reputation matched by few others in the industry. Our excellence is recognised not only by our customer but also by official authorities for quality standards. Oeko-tex  standard 100 certification further endorse our unswerving commitment to quality and excellent quality output.

Sizing & Weaving

Our weaving company operated as a name of Rabia Industries is one of the major suppliers of grey fabric to exporters running a setup of more than 300 shuttle less looms. The In house weaving facility is fully equipped with the latest looms comprising of :
Shuttle less : 74 looms.
We can produce different kind of Blends such as 100% cotton , Poly Cotton , CvC and Weave Patterns such as Plain, Twill etc on these looms.

Commercial Processing

Our associate company have exclusive up the minute dyeing and printing facilities with the following equipment:
PRINTING: 2 Rotary machines:
a) Raggiani fatura with the capability of printing 12 colours up to 220 cms.
b) Raggiani Unica, with the capability of rinting 12 colours up to 320cms.
DYEING : A complete range of continuous dyeing comprising of mercerising, washing off, Thermasol, Pad Steam with the capability of dyeing pigments, reactive as well as VAT’s up to 292cm wide.

Custom Made Ups

Modern stitching is an essential in today's textile world. Our Switch Track stitching facility is equipped with 100 machines working under strict quality control. With up to the minute equipment and manufacturing methods. Producing top quality Bed Linen, Table Linen, Kitchen Linen, Institutional Linen, Sofa Covers, Comforters, Bed Spreads, Bed in a Bag, Blankets, Duvet Covers, Sheet Sets, Cover Lets, Filled Cushion Covers, Woven and Knitted Fitted Sheets and all types of Curtains with different styles.

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